Uhive: A Secure Social Media Platform That Shares Its Income

People spend more time on social media platforms. And why don’t they – all their friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and relatives are on one platform or another, or all of them. Not only is it easy to stay in touch but it’s also free. That said, while we don’t pay money on this platform out of our pocket, we pay with our privacy and data. This allows this platform to earn billions of dollars from the content we create and the time we spend on it. What if there was a social network that not only kept your data confidential but also allowed you to earn rewards for the time you spent on the platform? All right, Uhive aims to do just that, and in this article, we’ll tell you all about it.

What is Uhive?

Uhive is an innovative social media platform that operates on the belief of distributing wealth among its users. The British startup behind Uhive understands that users spend their time and produce content that allows the platform to generate money. And they are ready to share that success with their users. This was not feasible just a few years ago, but thanks to the cryptocurrency surge, it is now possible. Uhive uses its own digital currency, the Uhive token (HVE2), which exists on Ethereum’s blockchain technology. You can use these Uhive tokens to do many things and potentially turn them into money. Now that you understand the basics of Uhive, let’s dig a little deeper to learn more about this platform.

Key Features of Uhive

In this section, we will get to know the key features of Uhive so that you can understand this platform in depth and see if this is right for you or not.

1. Interests

Uhive uses the principle to show users the content they choose by asking them to choose their interests. There are no big bad algorithms that scrape data based on your every action (or lack thereof), driving ‘thoughtful’ content that interests you. You only see posts from interests you follow. Think of interest as a topic. There are 26 different interests:

  • Grind
  • Beauty and makeup
  • Movies and TV shows
  • Astronomy
  • Business
  • Education
  • News and politics
  • Technology
  • The car
  • Pets and animals
  • Traveling
  • History
  • science
  • Funny from anime
  • Comedy and fun
  • photography
  • Parenting
  • Home and lifestyle
  • Religion
  • Sports
  • Health and fitness
  • Food and drinks
  • Fashion
  • Books and literature
  • Games
  • Arts and development arts

2. Space

Spaces is what sets Uhive apart from all other social media platforms. They are personal profiles that you can create in any field that interests you. What makes it amazing is that you can create so many spaces with different interests that you are not limited to one profile. So, if you want to share something related to history, you can create your own space in “Historical Interest”. This ensures that you have exclusive space to post exclusive items.

3. Uhive Token

As mentioned, Uhive uses its own “Uhive Token” based on Ethereum blockchain technology. The current price of Uhive tokens is $ 0.003, but will increase rapidly as more people join this platform. Now, you must be thinking – how do I earn a token? Actually, it’s pretty simple; you just do what you do on any social media platform. You open the app, read posts and like or dislike them, post your own content, share posts, and invite others to join. For all these actions users will be given a token, which will go into their Uhive app token wallet several times a day.

Since the platform is only a few weeks old, Uhive provides new users with the option to earn more tokens. You can earn up to 50,000 tokens in a short amount of time. You can spend tokens on the platform in a variety of ways. Here are some things you can spend your token on, and some things to come soon:

  • Buy and book a space.
  • Buy attractions for your space.
  • Pay the share of revenue generated by your space.
  • Advertise.
  • Get special effects.
  • Subscribe to a specific space.
  • Allow businesses to sell products or services using Uhive tokens.
  • Buy merchandise.

As you can see, there are many things to use with your Uhive token. Uhive also plans to make their tokens usable in the ‘real world’, by allowing them to be traded on tier-1 crypto exchanges in the near future. Who knows, soon, you might be able to convert these tokens directly into a government -approved currency?




Uhive offers two types of experiences – the Civilized World and the Free World. While the civilized world is a place where you can create profiles, follow friends and other users, and do all the other social media things you’d expect, the “Free World” is for people who want to remain anonymous. Here you will not be fully identified by identity or location. This is the perfect place to express yourself and free your thoughts without hesitation. The best part is that you can be a part of both worlds and switch between them smoothly. So, you are not limited by the restrictions of both worlds.

4. Free World and Civilized World

User Interface and Ease of Use

In terms of user interface, Uhive feels familiar when it comes to social media platforms. You will feel at home when registering. You get post feeds of interests you follow and you can easily like, comment or share content. I love that this app offers buttons at the bottom. This makes it easy to switch between different pages. As the phone gets taller, having a navigation bar at the bottom is a good idea. Remember that the app is in “Beta” right now, so expect bugs here and there. While I was using the app, it felt right and I was never bothered with bugs. Overall, the experience was pretty good.


Uhive is a mobile application -based social media platform. That means there are no websites you can use on the desktop (at least for now).

Make Money Using Secure Social Media Platforms

Uhive brings a new social media experience to users, although the idea of ​​a social media platform where users earn money to spend time and create content has long existed, this is the first time I’ve seen it implemented so efficiently. The success of the platform depends on the number of users it can get and so far its momentum looks good. It is still in beta and already more than 100,000 users have joined the platform, and posted more than 2 million posts. I recommend that you test the platform at least once and see for yourself. Let us know how you feel by writing in the comments section below.

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